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Cert class Schedule

Held at: 374 Day Avenue, SW

Roanoke Virgina

Classes scheduled for:

August 1st (Thursday) 6p-9:30p  

    Introduction and Preparedness

August 10th (Saturday) 8:30a - 4pm  

    Fire Safety, Disaster Medical Operations #1

August 14th (Wednesday) 6p-9p

    Disaster Medical Operations #2

August 17th (Saturday) 9a-4p

   Terrorism Awareness, Search and Rescue

August 21st (Wednesday) 6pm-9pm

   CERT organization

August 22nd (Thursday) 6pm-9pm

    Disaster Psychology, Meet the Emergency Manager

August 28th (Wednesday) 6p-9p


September 4th (Wednesday) 6p-9p

    Class make-up day and review skills

September 11th (Wednesday) 6p-9:30p

    Final Drill and Graduation